Schalkhaar, 18-09-2022Ned. Veteraneninstituut

Jeannet Kleine Schaars (55) is married to Bert (61). He is a Lebanon veteran.

Schalkhaar 03-08-2022,logo_stentor.jpg

Interview by Castor van Dillen of De Stentor.
Bert Kleine Schaars helps second homelandrecover land after big explosion.
Veteran and councillor with a drive to act for Lebanon.

Hilversum Mediapark, 10-03-2022NPO Radio 1 logo 2014.

Back to Then: Today in 1979 the first Dutch UNIFIL battalion went to Lebanon.

Deventer, 12-09-2021logo stentor

Interview by Sander Grootendorst of the Stentor.
Former soldier Bert (60) from Deventer shocked by harrowing situation in Lebanon: 'Terrible to see'.
Living in Averlo , Bert Kleine Schaars is concerned with the ups and downs of the city and surroundings as a politician for Deventer Belang.

Roermond, 25-06-2021logo stentor

Today, the promotional film made in close collaboration with Containers of Love is made known to the world.

Beirut, 7-10-2020 - 8 containers

After the explosion in the port of Beirut, which almost destroyed the center.

Wijk bij Duurstede, 07-07-2020Ned. Veteraneninstituut

'I've always had the idea to go back. But it didn't happen.