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Movie Review - In the Service of Peace (2024)

10 april 2024                            logo SEB
Sebastiaan Khouw

In Service of Peace is a gripping and impressive Dutch documentary.

Start ticket sales cinemas "In the Service of Peace"

Schalkhaar, 09 april 2024

Below is the preliminary summary,

Soldiers returned signed from UNIFIL mission in Lebanon: 'Not a beach holiday, but PTSD'

Enkhuizen,  5 april 2024             logo westfrieskrant

Enkhuizer director gives recognition to a forgotten mission with documentary

Film brings peacekeeping mission to life: UNIFIL veterans relive Lebanon experience in Deventer

Hengelo, March 31, 2023
Text:  © RTV Oost / Teun van der Velden.
Camera: © RTV Oost / Marcus Ganzevles. 

For UNIFIL veterans, it couldn't be more topical:

EenVandaag interview with Bert Kleine Schaars.

Schalkhaar, 16 october 2023een vandaag logo

Reporter Guido Vermeulen and his cameraman arrived this morning from