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EenVandaag interview with Bert Kleine Schaars.

Schalkhaar, 16 october 2023een vandaag logo

Reporter Guido Vermeulen and his cameraman arrived this morning from

Deventer man cancels his trip to Lebanon after the outbreak of violence: it is irresponsible

Deventer, Martijn Ubels 12 October 2023, 19:00                  logo stentor

Deventer man cancels trip to Lebanon with veterans

Jeannet Kleine Schaars nominated for the White Carnation Award

RTV oost 14 June 2023,
logo oost

Jeannet is being recognized for her efforts

Interview Bert and Jeannet about the impact of the Return Journeys

Schalkhaar, June 06 2023 Diego Kempslogo stentor

Through the return trips that Bert and Jeannet Kleine Schaars organize, Lebanon veterans learn to open up. © Arjan Gotink

The Documentary again: the Forgotten mission NPO2

Hilversum, 16-01-2023Logo NPO2
Text: Teun van der Velden
Photos: Marcus Ganzevles

Video 'The forgotten mission',
veterans return to Lebanon: "We were under fire every day"