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Expanding Physiotherapy Practice

UPDATE 20-05-2023

Our last container shipped in October 2022, among other things, also had a lot of materials with it for the physiotherapy practice.
These materials were eventually delivered to Zahle and gratefully used.

Below is a small overview of all devices and materials that have been collected by our sponsors.

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 fysio zahle 850 2 fysio zahle 850 7 fysio zahle 850 9

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Zahle, Bekavallei 11 april 202

As a foundation we support specific projects, such as the school project in Beirut.

At the beginning of April we were in Lebanon and  , in addition to the work at the school, we also visited a new project to support. A (still) small physiotherapy practice, wanting to work in social assistance.  Concreet this means that they want to  offer free help  in the field of physio to Lebanese who cannot afford it. In addition to the poverty of its own population, the country of Lebanon also has more than 1 million Syrian refugees who could use such aid. Many of them live in the Bekaa valley near the Syrian border. For this reason, they would like to expand but need more specific materials for  this.

The clinic is going to expand, but everything is needed. Currently they only  have 2 wooden treatment benches that are limited adjustable and certainly not adjustable in heights. That's just 1 example. Of course we  hope for many reactions to be able to collect the right materials so that they can go with  our next container. That will take place at the end of June. Together with the clinic, we have drawn up a list of everything they are looking for.

Can you help us or do you know where good and useful materials are, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us to see what that could mean for this clinic.

We would like to refer you to our facebook page for additional information

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