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College des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs - Hadat

Our aid project started in May 2023 IMG 20230707 WA0009

Update augus 2023

Our new aid project involves another School in Beirut, the SSCC Hadat - College des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs.
Bart also found time to visit the school SSCC Hadat while working with his colleague Abdullah on our other school project SSCC Bauchrieh.
Bart went around the school together with Mirjam Polak, the initiator and with Sister Rita.

SSCC Hadad 850 55SSCC Hadad 850 54

This school is significantly smaller, with over 850 children, and therefore has fewer classrooms.
Bart did a first inspection, inventoried what computers they currently have, but more importantly what they do not have.
There are also few outdoor toys for the smallest children.
Or e.g. there are missing soccer nets to attach around the goal posts.

SSCC Hadad 850 46SSCC Hadad 850 35

Actually there is a lack of everything.

Would you also like to help please donate your contribution to NL71 ABNA 0118 7463 91 tnv VVL Veteranen Libanon

Meanwhile, based on the inventoried data, we are working hard in the background to obtain computers, notebooks and relevant materials from our sponsors.
At this moment we have already been able to collect a lot of materials such as; beamers, whiteboards, 75" Television screens, notebooks, and more.
We thank our sponsors (including the anonymous ones) for their generosity.
We hope that the first batch for the SSCC Hadat along with the other relief items can be sent with the next container soon.