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Introduction of Tour Guide and Driver

By: Jeannet Kleine Schaars and Siem Kersten

Our dedicated tour guide Georges, and driver Afif, are essential to ensuring a safe and unforgettable experience during our return trips to Lebanon.
Upon arrival at Rafic Hariri Airport in Beirut, they both await us, ready to welcome us and load our luggage for the initial journey to Hotel Aleph in Byblos.
After check-in, we're treated to a delightful Lebanese feast, overlooking one of the oldest ports in the world, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

As it's already evening and Lebanon operates with the Lebanese Pound (LBP), Georges ensures everyone has pocket money for drinks on that first night.
On day two, Georges takes us to a currency exchange office with the best rates. Georges is our pillar of support throughout the trip.

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With a great sense of humor, a wealth of historical knowledge, and his calming presence, we couldn't ask for a better guide.
Prior to the trip, he collaborates with us to plan the itinerary for the entire journey. Hotel stays, entrance tickets, and all meals are included.
During the trip, he handles everything for us, ensuring we lack nothing and can fully immerse ourselves in all the remarkable experiences we encounter.

Afif ensures our safe passage everywhere throughout the week, both in the Unifil area and along the most scenic spots in Lebanon.
Throughout our journey, we have at our disposal a meticulously chosen luxury coach, and we can confidently leave our belongings on board.
He also ensures there's always an ample supply of chilled drinking water bottles on the bus.

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In summary, they are both indispensable to us and the veterans in experiencing a unique return journey.

Below, they both introduce themselves to you:

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"My name is Georges Farah.
I'm an archaeologist and researcher, having participated in various excavations in downtown Beirut. I also teach the Phoenician language at the university, the language from which our alphabet originates.
If desired, I'm happy to give a lecture on Phoenician script during your trip. Since 1995, I've held a license from the Ministry of Tourism and have worked as a professional tour guide for my own travel agency in Lebanon, under the name This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I speak multiple languages, including French, English, and German, and now also a bit of Dutch. Numismatics, or the study of coins, is one of my hobbies.
Typically, I organize group tourist trips, but the veteran trips with the VVL Foundation are special and particularly meaningful."

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© Gerrit Kracht

"My name is Afif Fakher Al Dien. I've been working for many years as a tour coach driver in the tourism sector. Hence, I know all the beautiful spots in Lebanon.
Safe driving is paramount to me, which isn't always easy in Lebanon. I reside in the south, so I'm familiar with the roads and the places we visit during a veteran trip.
In my free time, I prefer spending time with my family and grandchildren.
When there are no tourists, I assist my son in his business."

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