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The climate of Lebanon

The Republic of Lebanon is a country on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, bordering Syria and Israel. The country has regularly had to deal with civil wars, fights, attacks and also wars with neighboring Israel. Due to the many conflicts that Lebanon has known, the country does not have the attraction to tourists that it could have. In addition to the best Arabic cuisine, beautiful beaches and a large number of archaeological excavations, Lebanon is also blessed with a pleasantly warm Mediterranean climate (type Csa according to the Köppen climate classification). As a result, Lebanon has beautiful weather for months for a beach holiday.

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Four seasons
Lebanon has four seasons: a rather long and warm summer, a pleasant spring and autumn and a cool to mild, but wet winter. Both summer (June to September) and winter (December to March) last four months, while spring and autumn each last only two months. In autumn and spring, rain falls mainly during shorter but also heavier showers, while in winter the precipitation intensity is lower and the number of rainy days is greater.

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Lebanon's Mediterranean climate shows a pattern of precipitation where the winter months are fairly wet and the summers dry. From June to September, rain or thunderstorms are a rare phenomenon in Lebanon, although inland the chance of this is slightly higher than along the very sunny coastal areas. For example, the capital Beirut measures a total of less than five millimeters of rain in the four summer months combined. Thanks to the wet winters, where the amounts of precipitation in the period November to March easily exceed one hundred millimeters per month, most places in Lebanon end up with an annual sum that is higher than in the Netherlands. For example, Beirut registers an average of 826 millimeters of precipitation per year, which is about twenty percent more than the average Dutch city.

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Summer vacation
Lebanon, a beautiful country with endless  possibilities.
During a trip through Lebanon you can  visit highlights such as the Roman ruins in Baalbeck, the vast cave system of Jeita, the enormous nature reserve Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve and the old port city of Byblos.
You  can't miss a visit to the winery of Château Ksara, the producer of one of the best wines in the world!
You can spend the night during this trip through Lebanon in some very special accommodations.
For example, you can stay a night in an old monastery with fantastic views.
Of course, you can't ignore the vibrant nightlife of Beirut.
The city is known for its frenzied clubs and fantastic restaurants, for example La Fuente De San Miguel in Medawar District.klimaat 850 3
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Winter sports
Ski enthusiasts can go to Lebanon in the winter months. In the mountain areas inland you can go from December to mid-March to do winter sports.
A popular ski resort is the Faraya Mzaar Ski Domain in Kfardebian.
The heights of the peaks in this ski resort vary between 1913 and 2465 meters.
Other ski resorts in Lebanon include The Cedars, Fakra, Zaarour and Laqlouq.

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