As a foundation, in collaboration with Containers of Love, we currently have 34 containers with a range of relief goods delivered in Lebanon. The smaller projects below are equipped with the goods delivered by us. Thanks to all the sponsors and volunteers in the Netherlands and the local volunteers who distributed and delivered the goods in Lebanon.

Easy-Shipping,   Sourceware,   Utrecht University,   Medipoint,   Dr. Aletta Jacobs College,   CK Tekenbureau,    CUC,   Gemeente Deventer   and the many private donations we received.

You understand that your donation is still very welcome. NL64 INGB 0007 6493 55 tnv Action Beirut

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Hospital sets up new corona department
Eitat Bekaa Valley Lebanon, 22 January 2022

The public hospital in Eitat Beka Valley Lebanon called containers of love for help.
Because of the high percentages of corona infected patients, they wanted to set up a new corona department in their hospital. From hospital beds to medical equipment and supplies. 

In July 2021, containers with nursing beds and medical supplies had already been sent to Beirut by the Veterans for Lebanon Foundation.

The hospital could therefore be helped immediately thanks to the volunteers of Containers of Love with the already available stock of medical equipment.
All this has been made possible by our sponsors in the Netherlands, Stichting Veteranen voor Lebanon, HartingBank (Medipoint). 
Our thanks go out to all our volunteers in the Netherlands and Lebanon.

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Supply of animal feed to the local Lebanese animal welfare organization FOUR PAWS
Beirut Bauchrieh, 22 February 2022

In October 2021 we were approached by FOUR PAWS International if we wanted to help with sending 2000 kilos of animal feed to their local organization in Beirut.
Of course, we wanted to contribute to this.
This resulted in us loading the animal feed into our container in November 2021.
On February 22, 2022 the local organization in Beirut of FOUR PAWS collected the animal feed and they take care of the further distribution within Lebanon.

Four Paws is the global animal welfare organisation for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them. Our vision is a world where humans treat animals with respect, empathy and understanding

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Hulpgoederen aan het Monastery of the Cross
Bkennaya - Beirut, 26 February 2022

Last summer in August we as the VVL Foundation visited this organization.

We then found that this psychiatric hospital is in urgent need of help. Today Georges, Henry and several other volunteers have brought the various relief goods that were loaded from the container last Tuesday to the Congregation des Franciscaines de la Croix du Liban (Congregation of the Franciscans of the Cross of Lebanon) in Beirut.This shipment in this case is mainly medical relief goods such as incontinence material.

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Delivering goods to Arcenciel
Jisr el Bacha - Beirut, 01 March 2022

Arcenciel is a Lebanese based non-profit NGO, which supports Lebanon’s most underprivileged and marginalized communities, regardless of religion, political affiliation or nationality.
We also visited this organization last summer, and asked if the Veterans Foundation for Lebanon can do something for them.
Last week it was so far that this organization also got the relief goods delivered. Henry, Georges and several other employees first loaded the truck at the school and then drove to rue John Kennedy. Once there, everything was unloaded and distributed to arcenciel employees

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