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Repair houses in Beirut

As a result of the explosion in Beirut port on Aug. 4, 2020, a large number of homes were damaged.
Local residents in east Beirut mainly elderly people have little or no means of repairing their own homes. Thus, one of our first relief operations focused on the East Beirut neighborhood.
The neighborhood hit hardest by the explosion on August 4, 2020.
This very neighborhood is characterized by its many beautiful old houses.

We as a foundation are therefore very pleased that we were able to present a check to Georges Farah in October 2020.

reparatie huizen.850 Georges ensures that with local aid workers as many houses of the elderly as possible are provided with new windows and doors.
And if necessary, structural repairs are also carried out.

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Whereas in the Netherlands there are many social safety nets and the elderly live together in senior citizen complexes, in Beirut this really does not exist.
In this old neighborhood in East Beirut, the elderly are often forced to live independently in their own (rental) apartments until old age.
With your contributions we were able to help the people listed below and they were visited by our volunteers in Beirut so that small repairs were made to each of them. Think of installing new windows and doors so that the houses were closed in time for winter. Other residents of this neighborhood we were able to help with small amounts to purchase immediate necessities.

People who were helped received $ 272,- per person:
Samia Bejani (71 years old)
Marcelle Zakhya (63 years old)
Monira al-Jordi (89 years old)
Sawad Abi Abdullah (71 years old)
Angel Markar (89 years old)
Naval Karim (75 years old)
Helen Tarraf (71 years old)
Daad Issa (93 years old)
Suzanne Youssef (72 years old)
Jaku Eternal Christ Farah (69 years old)
Fouad Atieh (65 years old)
Marie Nablian (78 years old)
Georges Bou Nasr (71 years old)
Leila Nassour (70 years old)
Adiba Awd (83 years old)
Tannous Michleb (years old)

At two houses, we had larger repairs done.
Repaired Homes: Cost per home $ 1550,-:
Rene Francis (92 years old)
Romeo Najib (75 years old)

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As this is an ongoing project, any donation is still very welcome.
NL71 ABNA 0118 7463 91 in the name of VVL Veterans for Lebanon

With your donation we can continue to help the local population.

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