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Hiking program

Lebanon walking tours Veterans.

In collaboration with Georges Farah Travel

Walking through Lebanon and experiencing the feeling of Wadi tours?
Lebanon is known to many UNIFIL veterans for its many patrols. They often think back to the beautiful Wadis, the associated nature and great views. Then it was often a slog with all the equipment and weapons that had to be carried.

In collaboration with George Farah Travel

Who would want to experience such nature again? Not with the struggle of a heavy load from in the past, but inspiring walks of about 25 kilometers. To walk such tours with a good local guide and at the end of each day arriving at a new destination, with often surprising overnight stays. Enjoy the real Lebanese hospitality and accompanying meal there. After all, Lebanese cuisine is a truly delicious experience.

Lebanon has a great hiking route that runs roughly from north to south, right across the country, in fact. It runs over the Lebanon mountain range. There are many different trails that follow the ridge.

We are trying to come up with two choices for you, where you walk 25 kilometers a day for about 5 days.

The first route will go north from Beirut.
In addition, there is a beautiful and sometimes even spectacular nature, and many archaeological and cultural sights to be seen. Think of old monasteries and ruins.

The second route will go south from Beirut.
and there you can travel through the Chouf mountains. Very recognizable by the many Cedar trees that are present there as a protected forest. There are also many overnight accommodation options. Be immersed in the real Lebanese hospitality and enjoy the corresponding Lebanese cuisine.

These return trips are based on flying with Transavia, departing directly from Amsterdam Schiphol to Lebanon Beirut on Sunday afternoons..

The final programs and the Departure times and arrival times may differ from the list below.


  • Departure from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol at 14:45, arrival at Beirut International Airport Rafik Hariri at 19:45;
  • Transfer to Hotel Le Commodore in Hamra, check in at the hotel;
  • Dinner at the hotel;
  • Overnight at the hotel.


  • A joint (early) breakfast then check out;
  • By coach to starting point 1


  • Joint breakfast;


  • Joint breakfast;


  • Joint breakfast;


  • Joint breakfast, then check-out;


  • Joint breakfast;


  • Joint last breakfast together, check out;
  • Now a last relaxing day, free time to shop in the "Hamra area" for buying souvenirs from Lebanon;
  • Any other places to visit that day will be determined;
  • In the late afternoon (around 17:00) transfer to the airport for departure;
  • Departure from Rafik Hariri International Airport at 20:35, arrival Amsterdam Shiphol 00:30.