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Reunion UNIFIL 2024

Zeewolde, 15 june 2024

45 years ago, the Dutch UNIFIL mission was launched.

Today this was commemorated in Zeewolde with this reunion.
The bad weather should not be an obstacle to the turnout.
Sun and rain alternated.

It was a pleasant day, with several stands and a large tent that was gratefully used during the rain showers that came over every now and then.
At our own stand, there was continuous interest.
The large poster with the overview of the area was attractive, was looked at and the stories came naturally and spontaneously. Nice to see and hear.
We were also able to answer many questions about the documentary 'in the service of peace'.
See also our facebook page.

Around me I saw many veterans who were talking to each other while enjoying a drink and sometimes even the photo albums were put on the table.
While waiting in the rather long queues for the blue bite, we just continued chatting. Or they danced, clapped or sang along with the (as far as I'm concerned) fantastic performance of Green Hornets.
A successful day!


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