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Distributing relief support (part 1)

Beirut, 17 november 2023

It was quite tense whether the 40 ft sea container

full of wonderful items would be smoothly cleared and released from the port of Beirut. Fortunately, with the help of our guide and representative Georges Farah, it succeeded.
Precisely because tensions in the region are so high, we were hoping for this quick result.

After being released, the container could be taken to its unloading point in the Bauchrieh district, near one of the schools that we as the VVL Foundation support.
Immediately upon arrival, a team of people went to work manually unloading everything. Fortunately, in the Netherlands we can load everything with a forklift, but unfortunately they don't have one at the school, making it quite a job. Especially when you consider that it is still 26 degrees in Beirut at the beginning of November.

After selecting the labeled items, all the goods were immediately delivered to the various locations. That includes at two more schools in Beirut, the orphanage, the psychiatric clinic and the physio practice.
Only the backpacks for the school in the far south of Lebanon remain in temporary storage for a while.

The best thank you for you and us are the first pictures we received last week of the happy faces of the children of the public school. The first series of backpacks have already been distributed there.
Wonderful to see. Soon you can expect more pictures from us so you can see how all the stuff gets to the right place.

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