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Distributing relief supplies, (part 3).

Beirut, 25 December 2023                            IMG 20230707 WA0009

How a chance encounter leads to wonderful results

Welcome to the Veterans for Lebanon Foundation, where every donation makes a difference.
Thanks to your donations, we have already achieved wonderful results, and we are happy to share these successes with you.

As we travel back to Lebanon with a group of veterans in April this year, we are on the same flight as Janneke.
She tells us that she is on her way to Beirut to visit her friend Mirjam, who lives and works there. She teaches at a university, volunteers at an orphanage and helps at a primary school in the Hadat district of Beirut.

Later that week, we meet both Janneke and Mirjam at the Dutch Embassy's party.
That evening, Mirjam shared her concerns about the school and the orphanage with us, and a fine, successful collaboration developed.
A month later, when our ICT specialist Bart Timmermans was working on the ICT network of another school, he and Mirjam visited the school in Hadat.
He wants to see what we as a foundation can do for this school.

In addition to gaming equipment, the school desperately needs materials for computer classes.
Bart then shares the wish list with our board member Siem. Together they form the ICT Action Team and with their help, the Foundation was able to fill the container from last September with the necessary materials to equip several computer classrooms.
In addition, the school will receive 40 donated 3 and 4 metre wide whiteboards, along with complete projector sets, to enable digital teaching. In addition to the many filled schoolbags, a lot of games were also collected in the Netherlands, also for this school and the orphanage.
Last week we received a letter of thanks from the head nurse Labibe. It included a beautiful voice message expressing her gratitude and pictures of the children having fun playing in the schoolyard with the new playground equipment and of the students finally being able to follow computer lessons.
This is how we see that your donations really do make a difference.

Thanks to your generous donations, we have truly made a difference again.
On behalf of this school and the Veterans for Lebanon Foundation, we would like to thank you for your commitment and donations over the past year.
Together we will continue to build a better future for those who need our support the most.

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