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Start school project in Beirut

Wijk bij Duurstede, 31March 2022  logo

After many months of preparation and various consultations with the school (College des Soeurs des Saints Coeurs – Bauchrieh) the time has finally come.

Today the three of us, Bart Timmermans, Bartina Vader and the undersigned (say the quartermasters) go to Beirut.
We fly from Schiphol at 14: 20 with Transavia directly to the Rafik Hariri International Airport.
In addition to our standard luggage, we still have about 25 kilos  of 'last moment' material with us.
It was actually the intention to send that with a container, but because of the global problems with freight transport, we have now solved it this way.
We are going to start the final preparations so that when the other employees arrive next Sunday (the main force ?).
We can start on Monday with the construction of the infrastructure of the new wireless network for the school.
In the coming week we will start with the construction of the 4 fiber optic cable to connect the various switches that will be set up in the 4 buildings.
In addition, we will set up the Main Equipment Room (MER room) in building B and the Satelite Equipment Room (SER room) in building D.
When that is done, the various switches and Wi-Fi controllers are linked to the existing Servers with software.
If there is still time left, we will start with the construction of the copper network for the access points that are still to be installed.
The vast majority of these will have to be laid out and placed by the employees of the school itself.  Read more on the Projects page; School support.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.
Without their help and support, this project would never have been possible:

Easy-Shipping,  Sourceware,  Universiteit Utrecht,  Dr. Aletta Jacobs College,  CK Tekenbureau,  Gemeente Deventer and the many donations we received.

Siem Kersten

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