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Post 7-17

South Lebanon, 17 August 2023

To the west of the village of Al Mansouri

a few kilometres from the coastal road, lies our NL Post 7-17.
It is well known to many of us. It is one of the last NL-UNIFIL posts whose buildings were more or less intact.
We were often allowed to stand there on our return journeys and we experienced many memorable moments there.

post7 17 850 3                                                                          April 2023

Sadly, in mid-August, we heard that our old post, having stood for 44 years, had been demolished.

post7 17 850 9                                                                                                    August 2023

Of course the place can still be visited, but without the presence of the building it will be different.
Thank you Herman for sending your pictures.

post7 17 850 8post7 17 850 7 
August 1982
post7 17 850 post7 17 850 2 
1979                                                                                                                                 March 2020