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Christmas Eve in Beirut…

Beirut, 25 December 2023

In our last post we told you about our meeting with Mirjam.

She lives and works in Beirut and volunteers at the Home of Hope orphanage there. We talked a lot about the possibilities and problems of offering help.
Many of you read our reports and know that Lebanon's economic situation is very bad, not to mention the tensions. People are living in fear because of the constant threat that the war between Israel and Hamas could spill over into Lebanon. Sadly, it makes everyday life for many Lebanese even more hopeless than it already was.

Mirjam is a regular visitor to the children at the orphanage. They range in age from 8 to 18 years old. They are completely dependent on what the government does for them. Sadly, like for many other people in Lebanon, this is very little.
It is nice to see that Mirjam spends much of her free time caring for these children.
Reason enough for us to donate part of our backpack campaign to her.
These backpacks were given away at the Christmas party on Christmas Eve.
A beautiful moment. Here you can see the pictures.

Perhaps a small gesture for us, but incredibly nice for these children to see that they are being thought of. Those incredibly happy faces... isn't that what you do it for?

On behalf of Mirjam and all of these children, a big thank you to all of our donors!

It is our hope that, thanks to your donations, the Veterans for Lebanon Foundation will again be able to organise a number of such worthwhile activities in 2024.
For now, we would like to wish you all a very happy and, above all, safe New Year!

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