Utrecht, Deventer and Hoogezand, 5 November 2021  dr. Aletta Jacobs College

Today Fred, Bart, Bert and I collected the hardware in Deventer to be able to load into the container next week.

Early in the morning Fred first picked up a trailer and then drove to Utrecht to pick up the Patchkast.
Then on to Deventer to deliver the patch cabinet to our warehouse.
Once there, he and Bert placed the patch cabinet on a pallet.
In the meantime, Bart and I had also come to Deventer to unload the Switches, Access points and various other materials.
Then Bart and I went to Hoogezand to pick up 8 pieces of 65 inch TV screens, these were donated by the dr. Aletta Jacobs College (one of our sponsors).

We were back in Deventer at about 15.00 o'clock where we first  unloaded the TV screens.
Then, together with Bert, we mounted the various Switches and other equipment in the patch cabinet.
We have also placed the other materials in the patch cabinet as much as possible.
All in all, another very long day.
Bart, Fred and Bert thank you for your efforts and see you next week.

Everything is ready to be placed in the container on 12 November.
Around mid-December, the container will arrive in Beirut.
It will be a nice Christmas present for the school.

Siem Kersten.


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