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Donation of whiteboards and video projectors

Huizen, 28 juli 2023  GSF logo

Gooise Scholen Federatie, location Huizermaat donates

lots of boards and projectors.
If you would you also like to help, please make a donation to the following account NL71 ABNA 0118 7463 91 in the name of VVL Veteranen Libanon.
In the early hours of this morning, Bert and Fred set off with a large trailer to the comprehensive school in Huizen.
Once there, they had the difficult task of collecting all the whiteboards scattered around the school and bringing them to the central hall on the ground floor.
Once there, they were ready to be loaded onto the trailer.

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I arrived at 1pm and they were still dragging whiteboards downstairs.
I was busy packing all the projectors, speakers, ceiling mounts and cables into boxes so they could be loaded into the cars.
Later that afternoon, Bart came over to help me load all the boxes into both cars.
In total, we brought an incredible amount of material for our school projects in Lebanon.
23x 4 metre long whiteboards, 12x 3 metre long whiteboards and 5x 2 metre long whiteboards.
In addition, 25 Hitachi projectors were supplied with the appropriate ceiling mounts and cabling.
And a further 60 speakers, including cabling.
We would like to thank the Huizermaat branch of the Gooise Scholen Federatie for this generous donation.
We will make sure that all the materials donated will be used for our school projects in Lebanon.

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