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Cinema Documentary 2024. UNIFIL veterans crowdfunding.

Schalkhaar, januari 14, 2024

In the documentary "In the Service of Peace,"

we look back at the UNIFIL peacekeeping mission of the 1980s.
These are stories that are still in need of telling today, almost 45 years after the start of the mission.
It's important for the veterans to talk about what it was like to serve, what they experienced, and how they worked to bring Peace and Security to Lebanon.

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Tensions and daily shelling have returned to the Lebanese-Israeli border following the events of 7 October 2023 in Israel and Gaza.
To get an up-to-date picture of the situation then and now, alongside the veterans' stories, we hear from former Lebanon correspondent Jan Keulen, former diplomat, ambassador to Iraq and Middle East expert Nicolaos van Dam, also former General Peter van Uhm and current Beirut NOS correspondent Daisy Mohr.

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To complete the final image and sound editing and to get the documentary ready for theatrical release, we need your help.

We need 15,000 Euros and hope to raise it through donations and fundraising.

You can make a donation of any amount to the account number below o.v.v.
'In the service of peace crowdfunding project'


NL71 ABNA 0118 7463 91                                                             VVL VETERANEN LIBANON

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                             Watch the 2-minute trailer here: update trailer 850 2 



 Will you help us make this film ?